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🌸 Welcome to Lotus Luv Essentials! 🌸
At Lotus Luv Essentials, we believe in celebrating every phase of life, especially the exquisite journey of women over 40. I’m Dana Shorte, the heart and soul behind this haven of health, wellness, and beauty!
Imagine sipping wine with your closest girlfriends, divulging beauty secrets, swapping skincare and workout advice and tips, and planning the perfect vacation getaway outfits — these wonderful gatherings birthed Lotus Luv Essentials, a manifestation of my devotion to empowering women to age with elegance, radiance and confidence.
Lotus Luv Essentials isn’t just a retail store—but rather an a oasis where every product is chosen with care with the intention of inspiring, empowering and propelling the modern on-the-go woman.
My journey to curate this space wasn’t a direct path. With over two decades in finance, I navigated life’s twists and turns until the pandemic sparked an unforeseen passion — my love of cooking and experienting with food. I penned three cookbooks, sharing my recipes with the world through Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate program has made it possible to share those books with Lotus Luv Essentials clients for which I am grateful.
Join us on this transformative journey towards embracing age as a mark of grace and wisdom. Let’s flourish together!
With 💋,Dana